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About GRS Academy

Genesis Rehab Services(GRS)is one of the largest and widely recognized providers of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy and wellness services in the United States, and the outcome of patients far exceeds the average level of the industry. GRS Academy is learning solutions department of GRS-HS. The courses developed strictly follow the evidence-based method advocated by GRS. The curriculum and teaching standards are consistent with internationally recognized rehabilitation standards. GRS Academy's 360-degree comprehensive education and training method ensures that students not only acquire theoretical knowledge, but also gain strong clinical skills and the ability to use these skills efficiently and confidently at work.

    1. Goals
    1. Vision
Advantages of GRS Academy
  • Chinese and American gold medal instructors attentive teaching and interaction throughout the process

  • The curriculum system is developed by senior medical and operation personnel and is kept updated

  • Trinity of knowledge, clinical skills and job abilityaching

  • Teaching evidence-based medicine skills, keeping up with industry standards and fine-tuning according to local culture

  • Make the training program according to customer needs

  • Efficient and economical training delivery mode

  • Target Customers

  • Training module
    1. Clinical Excellence Operation Excellence People Excellence
Academy Training Plan
  • In-depth analysis of the actual situation
  • Develop training plan based on needs analysis
  • Needs analysis

    Including interviews and observations to understand your organization’s patient population, staff knowledge and skills, and current treatment protocols and operational process.

  • Job roles analysis

    Outlining the new or existing job roles that could benefit from additional training.

  • Learners analysis

    Train students in accordance with their professional abilities and work background.

  • Introductory basic training
    Teach skills to start a new career
  • Clinical capacity building
    Improve patient outoomes
  • customer service
    Improve patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Operation
  • Entry
    Increase productivity speed
  • speed
    Support patient safety reduce legal costs support audit results
  • Administrati on
    Improve employee employee and retention
  • Amalys of career davalopmant
  • Analysis of dffrencso batween taching and jpob requiremant
  • Pre-job trining
  • Employmant counseling
  • Recruitment