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Excellence - The Power of Operational System

Operation Excellence - The power of operational system

The operation Excellence Pillar covers a range of variables from policies to oversight, including: Policies and Procedures, Quality Assurance Processes, Equipment and Space Design Standards, Financial Management Controls, Information Technology Standards, and Regulatory and Reimbursement Oversight.

Policies & procedures: written manuals for

Quality assurance processes

  • QA Audits
    Operations Audits
    Clinical Documentation Audits
  • QA Tools
    Medication Errors
    Incidents and Accidents
    Weight Loss
    Falls Prevention and Management
    Psychoactive Medications
    QA/QI Management Tools
    Patient and Family Satisfaction

Equipment & space design standards

Financial management controls
Information technology standards
Rehab clinical documentation system
Financial and clinical key performance metrics
Clinical patient outcomes, incident alert and reporting system
Outpatient and inpatient rehab billing system, hospital billing system
Clinical documentation system (physician, nursing and other ancillary departments)
Regulatory & reimbursement oversight