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GRS Excellence System Consulting Service Menu
Obtaining local support
Sign a memorandum of cooperation, obtain the license of GRS brand (designated trademark and trade name), and assist in participating in important decision-making meetings
Assist in important decision-making meetings
Introduce other international brands and domestic high-quality large enterprise engineering contractors
Business plan
Market overview (Long-term care market segmentation)
Payment and service pricing analysis
Competition analysis
 Critical operational drivers
Spatial function differentiation
Financial analysis
Key success factors
Risk analysis 
Project plan
Assistance in design planning
Clinical and functional area design 

Assist in construction management

Equipment list
GRS brand (designated trademark trade name) license
Implementation of GRS Excellence Program
GRS operation program of long-term care

Application of training excellence program of dementia

Assist in opening preparation and provide on-site training

IT system

  1. Rehabilitation clinical management system
  2. Rehabilitation center management system (HIS) 
  3. Payment system

Personnel training

Nurse aide

Geriatric care
Health coach
Basic medical treatment
High quality customer service

Medical director rehabilitation seminar

Continuous operation support and system optimization

Expert on-site operation support

American expert remote support

Audit and excellence program optimization

GRS brand (designated trademark trade name) license

Payment system and Medical insurance audit support