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GRS-HS Orthopedic Rehabilitation Service

Away from Pain, Quality of Life

Pain is one of the most common symptoms of musculoskeletal system, with high recurrence rate and poor effect after treatment. The latest research shows that there is a close relationship between physical pain and depression; pain and negative emotional state may affect individual social skills, and vice versa. GRS-HS advocates that when facing orthopedic patients, medical facilities should conduct a comprehensive analysis with Bio-Psycho-Social model, adopt evidence-based medicine and make use of the empirical basis of relevant disciplines to provide rehabilitation, prevention and pre rehabilitation (rehabilitation preoperative intervention) services, so as to provide the best care for patients and improve the quality of life.

Identify common orthopedic patients / disorders
Serving the public, giving consideration to special groups
Escorted by an interdisciplinary and multi-professional team
  • Normal Community

    · Vitality center
    · Internal vitality centers of companies and organizations, etc.

  • Hospital

    · International clinic
    · Rehabilitation outpatient and inpatient departments of general hospitals at all levels
    · Orthopedic inpatient departments of general hospitals at all levels
    · Outpatient and Inpatient Department of Rehabilitation Hospital

  • Care Facilities

    · Rehabilitation room / rehabilitation center in senior care home
    · Rehabilitation room / rehabilitation center in nursing home

GRS-HS Standardized Services Process of Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services