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GRS-HS Cardiopulmonary and Respiratory Rehabilitation Services

Breath smoothly, strengthen the heart and lungs

Patients with cardiopulmonary disease can be divided into two categories: one is patients with cardiopulmonary disease as the main primary disease; the other is patients with other diseases mainly accompanied by cardiopulmonary system diseases. Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is not only a primary preventive measure (controlling the risk of disease before the disease occurs), but also a secondary preventive measure (treatment and relapse prevention after the onset of disease). GRS-HS recommends that medical institutions integrate the concept of secondary prevention into cardiopulmonary and respiratory rehabilitation services, so as to improve the function and comfort of patients while reducing risk factors and minimizing the progression of disease in order to improve the quality of life and treatment effect of patients.

Identify common cardiopulmonary disease / dysfunction
Serving the public, giving consideration to special groups
Escorted by an interdisciplinary and multi-professional team
  • Normal Community

    · Normal community (residential area)
    · Retirement community and health care town
    · Vitality senior fitness center
    · Vitality center
    · Internal vitality centers of companies and organizations, etc.

  • Hospital

    · International clinic
    · Rehabilitation outpatient and inpatient departments of general hospitals at all levels
    · Cardiology Department of general hospitals at all levels
    · Rehabilitation clinic and inpatient department of specialized hospital
    · Outpatient and Inpatient Department of Rehabilitation Hospital
    · Special care units, such as cog

  • Care Facilities

    · Rehabilitation room / rehabilitation center in senior care home
    · Rehabilitation room / rehabilitation center in nursing home
    · Day care center

GRS-HS Standardized Services Process of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Services