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Happy aging, happy life

At present, there are about 250 million people aged 60 or over in China, and it is estimated that the number will reach 480 million by 2050. This proves that China has made tremendous progress in increasing the average of life expectancy in the past 70 years. The above puts forward higher requirements for healthy and happy aging. GRS-HS regards senior care as a comprehensive concept. According to the mature industry standards of its parent company Genesis in the United States, combined with the actual situation in China, it advocates holistic health, and at the same time according to the following standards, the process integrates nursing care, dementia care, rehabilitation, medical treatment and specialty care.

Happy aging with integration of medicine, health and care

Focus on holistic health and serve all the elderly
Escorted by an interdisciplinary and multi-professional team
A variety of service settings to meet different needs
  • Normal Community

    · Normal community (residential area)
    · Retirement community and health care town
    · Vitality and senior fitness centers
    · Outpatient department, community health service center

  • Hospital

    · Rehabilitation department and geriatric department of general hospitals at all levels
    · Rehabilitation and geriatric hospital
    · Senior care home
    · Nursing home

  • Care Facilities

    · Adult Day care center
    · Special care units, such as cognitive unit or ICU
    · Other institutions and service centers

GRS-HS Standardized Services Process of Senior Care Services