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Regain vitality, regain laughter

The recovery of neurological diseases may be a long process, and patients with neurological rehabilitation needs have complex conditions, wide age distribution, and changeable needs. In view of this, medical facilities with the support of GRS-HS interdisciplinary team will set short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals in combination with the goals of patients and their families, and provide personalized rehabilitation services through real-time tracking of patients' conditions. In addition, we have a full set of risk screening and preventive consultation and intervention programs for different groups of people to identify hidden risks and protect your health.

Identify common neurological patients
Serving the public, giving consideration to special groups
Neurological rehabilitation patients are widely distributed in age levels, and certain special populations increase the complexity of rehabilitation, such as
Escorted by an interdisciplinary and multi-professional team
  • Normal Community

    · Vitality center
    · Internal vitality centers of companies and organizations, etc.

  • Hospital

    · International clinic
    · Rehabilitation outpatient and inpatient departments of general hospitals at all levels
    · Outpatient and Inpatient Department of Rehabilitation Hospital
    · Rehabilitation room / rehabilitation center in senior care home

  • Care Facilities

    · Rehabilitation room / rehabilitation center in senior care home
    · Rehabilitation room / rehabilitation center in nursing home

GRS-HS Standardized Services Process of Neurological Rehabilitation Services