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The Excellence - The Power of Organizational Identity
  • Mission
  • GRS Core Values
    Care and Compassion
    Focus and Discipline
    Respect and Appreciation
    Creativity and Innovation
    Teamwork and Enjoyment
    Honesty and integrity
GRS promises
  • Be ethical
    Work with integrity and honesty
  • Be respectful
    Appreciate and respect the beliefs of others, and cherish our diversity
  • Be accountable
    Be responsible for actions and quality of work
  • Be the creator of community culture
    Make every effort to activate community culture
  • Take pride in my work & my company
    Be proud of the daily work and represent the company in a professional manner
  • Embrace change
    Change is a part of life. Approach change with a positive attitude and work to overcome obstacles with team members
  • Communicate compassionately
    Communicate in a professional manner and be an active listener
  • Strive for Excellence
    Continuously work to grow and develop self as an employee
  • Celebrate
    Contribute to a positive work environment and celebrate each other’s successes
Core competitiveness
Utilizing Genesis’s core capabilities and expertise, while highly catering to the needs of the Chinese local market, specifically in:
  • The brand value of Genesis (US) is a strategic asset to establish the local health and  rehabilitation market in China.
    The world's largest publicly listed company in the senior and rehabilitation industry in the US, and a system of operating, clinical, and talent standards accumulated by experience.
    Help customers master and implement leading clinical practice expertise in line with international standards, such as JCI, paving the way for obtaining international professional certification in the future.
    Achieve quantifiable high-quality clinical outcome by using evidence-based practice and Western rehabilitation approach to service delivery.
    Provide operational consulting services for physical rehabilitation facilties in core cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Qinhuangdao, Hong Kong, etc. The GRS-HS excellence program has become a mature clinical service delivery program for senior care and rehabilitation in China system.
    A consulting service team that has been active in the front line all year round, including finance, operations, clinical and human resources, and a multi-level technical team that brings together international rehabilitation experts, and clinical experts including physical therapists and nursing experts.