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Talent Concept

As one of the largest and strongest providers of rehabilitation and wellness services in the U.S., GRS partners with skilled nursing centers, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, hospitals, home health companies, adult day care programs, and outpatient clinics to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Joining GRS Health Service, whether as a healthcare expert, management team or contract employee, will bring changes to the lives we touch every day.In order to create a culture of caring and service excellence, we will deepen this innovative and dynamic culture through our mission, vision, core values and commitments. At the same time, ethical and compassionate people work together here to achieve excellent clinical services.

To promote and maintain our culture, GRS requires all employees to commit to the following promises:

  • Be ethical
    Work with integrity and honesty
  • Be respectful
    Appreciate and respect the beliefs of others, and cherish our diversity
  • Be accountable
    Be responsible for actions and quality of work
  • Be actively engaged
    Strive to be an active part of the team
  • Take pride in my work & my company
    Be proud of the daily work and represent the company in a professional manner
  • Embrace change
    Approach change with a positive attitude and work to overcome obstacles with team members
  • Communicate compassionately
    Communicate in a professional manner and be an active listener
  • Strive for excellence
    Continuously work to grow and develop self as an employee
  • Celebrate
    Contribute to a positive work environment and celebrate each other's successes
Clinical Ladder
GRS Health Services has established a Clinical Ladder Program for Clinical Specialists to recognize the ongoing development of expertise in the clinical rehabilitation profession. This program provides an opportunity for professional development, recognition for performance, motivation for advancement, and enhanced clinical practice and leadership.
    Professional knowledge of rehabilitation practice
    At least 2 years direct patient care experience

    Professional knowledge of specific discipline and be able to guide interdisciplinary practice
    Assist in quality improvement process
    At least 5 years direct patient care; 1 year of managerial/ leadership experience
    Intermediate license

    Leads the provision of quality care and promotes enhancement of skills in rehabilitation
    Assist in recruitment, clinical performance management, clinical service delivery and clinical personnel guidance plan
    At least 5 years direct patient care; 2 years of managerial/ leadership experience
    Intermediate license
Work at GRS, we provide you
  • Salary and benefits
    Competitive salary package in the industry
    Social security
    Holiday benefits
    Healthy and pleasant working environment

  • Career development
    New employee orientation, let you quickly integrate into the team

    Communicate with first-class rehabilitation medicine, rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation nursing experts and consultants in China (mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan) and the United States to obtain training and guidance

    Get the opportunity to study in the United States

  • Professional training
    Learn clinical thinking and diagnosis and treatment methods based on evidence-based medicine, apply professional evaluation tools, and achieve expanded professional knowledge while providing high-quality clinical services.

    Remarkable career development structure and promotional growth opportunities
Work Environment
Job Opportunity
  1. 2020-05-29

DEPARTMENT: Community Clinic 

REPORTS TO: Director of Rehabilitation 

JOB CLASSIFICATION: Standard Working Hours 

Location: Guangzhou 

Position Summary:

The Lead Therapist is responsible for the delivery of efficient and effective therapeutic interventions in order to meet the comprehensive needs of patients and provide quality services that are designed to Prevent, Improve, Restore, and Sustain overall health and wellness. The Lead Therapist coordinates both discipline specific and interdisciplinary training and resources. The Lead Therapist is responsible for the monitoring and facilitation of clinical service delivery, programs and initiatives with the rehabilitation department, including but not limited to, physical therapy, occupational therapy.  


1. Develops and implements physical therapy programs in collaboration with the healthcare team consistent with the needs and capabilities of each patient.

2. Identifies clinical growth opportunities and establishes an education plan including access to educational resources, including but not limited to GRS Academy/Relias courses. 

3. Performs individualized physical therapy interventions including but not limited to aerobic conditioning, balance coordination, agility training, body mechanics, postural stabilization, flexibility exercises, gait training, neuromotor development training, strengthening, endurance training, manual therapy, functional training, and physical agent modalities;cognitive skills, muscle strength, coordination, endurance, mobility, perceptual abilities, sensory awareness, balance, activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, energy conservation, safety awareness, joint protection, work simplification, environmental modification, splinting, physical agent modalities and manual techniques;cognition, receptive language, reading comprehension, expressive language, graphic expression, motor speech, oral motor skills, auditory rehabilitation and dysphagia techniques.

4. Completes appropriate and timely documentation and billing of services being provided.

5. Instructs and educates patients, families, and/or other caregivers in the skills, methods, and techniques of the physical therapy program.

6. Completes root cause analysis in focus centers in collaboration with Regional Clinical Director and creates a strategic education plan, implementation plan and clinical quality improvement plan for the center.

7. Provides education within the region/organization and strategically identifies and develops qualified individuals within the region who demonstrate advanced clinical knowledge and the desire to educate others. 

8. Enhances professional practice by attending all mandated training and outside professional education programs.

9. Performs other related duties as required. 


1. College degree or above in rehabilitation or related major. 

2. He/she must be able to practice as a Rehab Therapist in the Province and district of the People’s Republic of China. 

3. More than three-year rehabilitation experience. 

4. Have knowledge of basic anatomy, physiology, pharmacology in rehab, normal age-related changes, infection control, and proper body mechanics is preferred. 

5. Must be able to recognize and practice high-quality hospitality, professionalism and customer service to create a patient centered environment. 

6. Must have knowledge of computer office systems. 

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