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On December 10, 2020, the Rehabilitation Department of Beijing Guomen Hospital, which provides technical support services by GRS, made a new appearance. The department fully introduced the mature Excellent Program of GRS in the United States, aiming to provide patients in subacute and postoperative patients with international standards.

The GRS Excellence Program has become a mature professional system for the rehabilitation and senior care industry in China. The excellence program consists of four pillars, including: cultural excellence, clinical excellence, operational excellence, and people excellence. The meaning of excellence includes exceeding common standards, adopting measurable performance indicators and meeting the changing needs in the continuous progress of various fields.

The Rehabilitation Department of Guomen Hospital fully implements the GRS excellence system to create a mature medical and health care service continuum. It is a multidisciplinary team composed of rehabilitation physicians, rehabilitation therapists, rehabilitation nurses, nurse assistants, clinical nutritionists, music therapists, recreational activity divisions, rehabilitation consultants, and health coaches. The department participates in the rehabilitation treatment of patients throughout the process, and make timely scientific adjustments to the treatment plan based on the actual situation of the patient

The Rehabilitation Department of Guomen Hospital focuses on neurorehabilitation and orthopedics rehabilitation after the acute phase. The design and layout of the ward and rehabilitation treatment area follow international standards

In the ward treatment area and the 300-square-meter rehabilitation hall, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and music therapy are all scientifically partitioned in accordance with international standards, and are equipped with Finnish HUR strength training system, NUSTEP limb linkage training equipment, imported electric balance parallel bars, and balance training appliances, electric occupational therapy tables, complementary food tableware and various auxiliary equipment. At the same time, it is equipped with advanced equipment such as ultra-short wave, ultrasonic therapy and imported physiotherapy all-in-one machine.

The rehabilitation medical team is composed of rehabilitation department, internal medicine department, neurology department, clinical nutritionists, and traditional Chinese medicine doctors with many years of clinical experience. At the same time, experts from neurology department of Beijing Xuanwu Hospital are employed as clinical consultants. The clinical nutritionist formulates the nutrition diet for the patients in the recovery period and carries out comprehensive nutrition management for them. Enteral and parenteral nutrition, homogenate diet, liquid food, soft food, and special meals for the three highs can be satisfied.

The team of rehabilitation therapists provides patients with comprehensive functional assessment, including limb function, gait, balance, activities of daily living (ADL), swallowing cognition and other professional assessments, and carries out personalized rehabilitation treatment according to the assessment results. In addition to the routine physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech cognitive therapy, the therapist team also set up music therapy and other projects to provide professional rehabilitation services consistent with international standards for rehabilitation patients.

Rehabilitation nursing is based on clinical nursing, adding a lot of nursing content about rehabilitation, such as turning over and patting the back, suctioning and expelling sputum, safe transfer, positioning of good limbs, assisting in activities of daily living, and so on.

The health coaches of the Rehabilitation Department of Guomen Hospital have established a communication bridge between patients and various medical departments. As the spokesperson of patients, we will connect with rehabilitation, medical care, nursing and other departments with the wishes of patients as the center, and solve the various needs of patients in a timely manner. Regular visits to patients and health knowledge education.

The new rehabilitation department of Guomen hospital is ready, and the interdisciplinary team will do its best to provide patients with the best rehabilitation service.