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When we woke up, the neck is painful and stiff, and unable to look around and rotate freely. When we walk in the street, someone called our names behind us, and we turned back suddenly.

Ah, stiff neck, how painful it is!

Life is so hard...

Why the stiff neck hits me again?

How to deal with the pain of a stiff neck?

How to avoid a stiff neck?

Today, GRS-HS tells you all~

Why do I always get hurt?

“Stiff neck”, also known as "torticollis", is a common disease among young adults. Its characteristic are neck and back pain and limited neck movement in the morning, without symptoms before falling asleep.

Generally, persons will soon adapt to this wrong sleeping position and fall asleep safely. However, the muscles and ligaments in the neck and shoulders in an uncomfortable state are forcibly pulled and torn, resulting in swelling and congestion, which will stimulate nerve endings to cause pains.

How to deal with the pain of a stiff neck?

Usually, unless you have cervical spondylosis, a stiff neck can heal itself. Going to the hospital for just a stiff neck might be making a mountain out of a molehill. But, if you don’t treat it, the pain is unbearable. Then, what if a stiff neck occurs? Rehabilitation experts can give you some tips, teach you how to relieve neck stiffness and pain~


Moist heat

Rehabilitation experts recommend moist heat therapy (which is consistent with the internationally accepted therapy). After stiff neck, the simplest thing is to shower the neck with hot water or apply hot towels and hot water bottles to the painful regions. If conditions permit, you can bath in warm water (hot spring or bathtub) to improve local blood circulation, relax muscles and relieve pain. The suggested duration is between 15-20 minutes,

It is not recommended to use heat blowing or self-heating pad, because this may lead to aggravation of inflammation and blood siltation.


Shrug and slap one's shoulders

Shrug shoulders on both sides at the same time and can also rotate up and down back and forth. After shrugging for a few minutes, you can pat your shoulders gently to reduce the tension of neck muscles, which has a good effect on solving stiff neck problems.


Medication pad or painkillers

If you feel really uncomfortable, you can apply the medication pad over the sore area, or apply ointment, herbal wine and massage slightly to relieve the pain. Take pain killers as needed.


TCM massage

Acupuncture, cupping, hyperthermia, electronic therapy, cervical traction and other treatments also have a certain degree of relief effect on chronic pain. It is necessary to remind everyone that they must go to professional medical institutions.

How to avoid stiff neck?

Probably the good sleeping position, choose a suitable pillow, don't let your neck catch cold...

In addition, rehabilitation experts will teach you a few movements to exercise neck muscles ~

Neck relaxation exercise

Action 1

Sit against the wall or chair, stabilize the cervical vertebra with chin tuck, turn your head to one side, and stretch the neck for 10 ~ 15 seconds, and repeat 2 ~ 3 sets.

Action 2

Stabilize the cervical vertebra with chin tuck, straighten both arms with fists, lift about the same level as shoulders, flex head forward, stretch muscles on the back of neck, maintain this posture for 10 ~ 15 seconds then relax, repeat 3 sets.

Action 3

Roll towels with fist height and put it behind the neck, chin tuck to stabilize the cervical spine, and press the towels backward with the muscles on the back side of the neck, paying attention not to lean back.

Action 4

Sit on the bed or chair, stabilize the cervical vertebra with chin tuck, put one hand behind your back, turn your head to the opposite side, fix your head with your opposite hand and stretch the muscles on the side of your neck, stay for 10 ~ 15 seconds, and repeat for 2 ~ 3 times.