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Geriatric RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Mr. Zhang (assumed name)
Age:93 yrs
Medical diagnosis:hypertension, decreased mobility function and balance disorder
Previous function level:living in nursing home, able to take care of himself, able to participate activities freely and like Tai Chi
Chief complaint:ambulate unstably, weakness of lower extremities, difficulty in lifting and unable to play Tai Chi
Total treatment times: PT20

Rehabilitation plans

1.For gait and mobility:

Correct gait and improve the balance control ability of the squat triceps during ambulation

2.For strength and balance

Trunk coordination training

Center of gravity control training

Strengthen lower body muscles

Single leg weight bearing and balance training

3.Tai Chi training

According to Mr. Zhang's preference, the therapist carefully disassembled some Tai Chi’s movements and designed related training movements.

Rehabilitation outcome

1.Improved balance

Before treatment:the center of the trunk was back and difficult to lift the feet

After treatment:the center of the trunk moved forward, the single leg support tended to be stable, and the feet could be lifted normally

2.After treatment, he is able to practice Tai Chi again

The movements are soft and natural, slow and even, coordinated and complete for Tai Chi movements

Case source: Cooperative medical institute of GRS

Rehabilitation outcome