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Sports RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Mr. Lai
Medical diagnosis:left iliotibial band syndrome and left patella osteomalacia
Previous function level:years of bicycle riding experience, like mountain climbing
Chief complaint:recurrent intermittent pain over the lateral side of the left knee for more than 2 years, aggravated for one week
Total treatment times: PT5

Rehab care plan

1.Pain management:

TENs:100HZ 20min, within patient’s tolerance

Ultrasound:3MHz,0.8cm2/W  3min

Manual therapy over soft tissue( gluteus maximus, tensor fascia lata)

2.To improve ROM:

Dorsiflexion: Manual therapy for triceps surae fascia, stretching, ankle mobilization (supratalar joint, glide talus posteriorly)

Hip flexion and extension: manual therapy for hip flexor&extensor fascia, stretching

Knee flexion and extension ROM: Manual therapy for quadriceps/ hamstring fascia, stretching

3.Recover movement pattern:Correction training for hip, ankle, knee motion during squat down

Rehab outcomes

1. The comparison of squatting down

Before treatment: tingling over knee, difficulty with squatting down, limited knee flexion and extension
After treatment: pain absent, complete full squat down without any difficulty

2. The comparison of gait

Before treatment: pain during walking, gait instability, limp

After treatment: Able to jog without pain

Case source: GRS-HS consulting service cooperative medical institution

Rehabilitation outcome