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Sports RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Miss Yu
Medical diagnosis:right ankle sprain with lateral collateral ligament injury, talus bone marrow edema
Previous function level:walking, running, and jumping without any limitation
Chief complaint:Rt ankle swollen with limited ROM, unable to go up and down stairs alternatively
Total treatment times: PT4

Rehab care plan

1.Pain and swollen management:cold pack; ultrasound: 3MHz,0.8cm2/W;joint mobilization。

2.Gait training

3. RLL strengthening:clam shell exercise ;ankle pump, elastic ring;

4. ROM exercises:Rt ankle immobilization; Rt triceps surae stretching

5.Balance exercises:Bosu ball and balance pad training

Rehab outcomes

1.The comparison of ambulation

Before Rehab: Need brace to provide protection during ambulation, abnormal gait
After Rehab: Ambulate without the brace, normal gait

2.After treatment: Able to go up and down stairs normally

Case source: GRS-HS consulting service cooperative medical institution

Rehabilitation outcome