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Sports RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Miss Li
Medical diagnosis:Rt knee ACL+MCL injury
Previous function level:Independent with ADLs and work, able to take care of her children and family.
Chief complaint:Rt knee pain, limited ROM, unable to ambulate secondary to falling during skiing
Total treatment times: PT54

Rehab care plan

1.To improve gait and mobility:

Assistive device modification and training.

Affected knee motor control training

Quad strengthening exercises

Bike exercises

2.Strengthening and balance exercises:

Lower extremities strengthening isometric exercises-weight bearing exercises- step exercises

Balance training: Center of gravity shifting training-marching training- balance pad training

3.Pain management:

Ultrashort wave



Ice/cold pack

4.To improve the ROM:

Knee mobilizations

PNF techniques

Patella mobilizations

Rehab outcomes

1.Knee ROM

Before Rehab: Limited knee ROM, 60°-110°
Before Rehab: Limited knee ROM within normal range, 0°-125°


Before treatment: unable to bear weight over Rt leg, need support from others due to standing instability
After treatment: able to stand steadily, bear weight over Rt leg, BLL able to resist the elastic force of the Thera band


Before treatment: patient ambulated with wheelchair during the 1st treatment, he was able to ambulate with walking stick after 1 month treatment
After treatment: Rt knee completely recovered, able to jump without difficulties

Case source: GRS-HS consulting service cooperative medical institution

Rehabilitation outcome