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Orthopedic RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Aunt Lin (assumed name)
Medical diagnosis:knee arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis and facial paralysis
Previous function level:retired teacher and ADLs independent
Chief complaint:knee pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, weakness of lower extremities, unable to wash hair by herself and squatting difficulty
Total treatment times: PT 42

Rehabilitation plans:

1.For pain:

Moist heat therapy, electrical stimulation, and manual relaxation

2.For gait and mobility:

Pain relief gait correction; obstacle walking and going up and down steps

3.For strength and balance:

Hip bridge; sit up training; SCI-FIT; pasteurized ball, soft couch; Otago balance training


Shoulder ROM training; ankle ROM training; squatting training

Fascia treatment to relax muscles
Hot stimulation and electrotherapy to relieve pain

Joint mobilization to relax soft tissue

Hip bridge to increase strength

ball exercises to improve balance ability

Balance soft pad to exercise balance

Going up and down steps training

Nustep training

For Ms. Lin's facial paralysis and low back pain, the rehabilitation center also added traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Acupuncture to improve facial paralysis
Moxibustion to improve low back pain

Rehabilitation outcome

1. ROM of shoulder joint


The right hand was able to be extended without pain basically


Dependent on quad cane for ambulation

No need cane for ambulation, able to go stairs and travel independently

Case source: Cooperative medical institute of GRS

Rehabilitation outcome