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Neurological RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Mr. Zhao (assumed name)
Medical diagnosis:the third occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage (right hypothalamus)
Previous function level:family life: ADL independent; social life: work independently;
Chief complaint:hemi lateral sensory impairment of left extremity and mobility dysfunction
Total treatment times: 196

Step-by-step treatment process

1.From supine posture education to stand up balance training

2.From assisted standing ability to training gait

3.From assisted walking with assistive devices to independent walking

4.From static standing support training to standing dynamic occupation activities

Rehabilitation outcome( note: different rehab stage contrast with before and after pictures, below is the keys word translation)

Early stage of treatment middle stage of treatment late stage of treatment

Hemiplegia, left hand unable to move able to ambulate independently able to ambulate independently and the left hand returned to perform normal activities

Hand function improved

Mr. Zhao went back to his favorite handicraft activities before stroke
Self-made frosted board - an assisted device for strengthening the mobility of shoulder and elbow joint

Able to tie shoelaces independently

Case source: Cooperative medical institute of GRS

Rehabilitation outcome