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Neurological RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Xiao Xi (assumed name)
Age:14 yrs
Medical diagnosis:Head injury
Previous function level:1. Excellent study performance; 2. Like running and taekwondo; 3. Go to school alone, independent with ADLs.
Chief complaint:1. Difficult to walk, easy to fall; 2. Violent mood swings, poor control; 3. Cognitive dysfunction.
Total treatment times: 76

Rehab care plan

1、Carry out walking training with parallel bar and treadmill, lateral ascending and descending the chairs with Thera band to improve the gait stability

2、Strengthening and balance training to improve her falling backward situations due to poor balance for instance: focus on training on balance pad and core strengthening during the early stage when she presented with gait instability Together with equipment and electronic treatment to improve the strength and joint flexibility

3、For cognitive impairment: carry out the activities like comb hair, reading, writing, etc.

Rehab outcomes

Able to ambulate independently
Able to do the housework within the scope of her capability

Case source: GRS-HS consulting service cooperative medical institution

Rehabilitation outcome