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Geriatric RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Aunt Zhang
Age:65 yrs
Medical diagnosis:Sequela of Cerebral Infarction
Total treatment times: PT94,OT93,ST94

Rehab care plan

1. To improve gait and mobility:

Center of gravity shifting training in standing.

Walking on a treadmill;

Lunge training.

Ascending and descending stairs training

2.Strengthening and balance exercises

Center of gravity shifting training with parallel bars

Sit-stand training with parallel bars

Sit up training on both knees.

Standing exercises

3.Bed mobility and transfers training to improve the ADL/IADL performances:

ADL training(dressing, bed-chair transfer, toileting)

Rolling up, sit up from side;

OT exercises in sitting.

OT exercises in standing.

4.Pain management:

Hot pad, stretching, electronic stimulation

5.To reduce swelling:

Kinesio taping.

Retrograde massage

6.Cognitive training:

Concentration training.

Direction following training.

7.Speech training:

Schuell aphasic stimulation approach.

Promoting aphasics communication effectiveness (PACE)

Articulation training

Oral motor exercises

AAC training

8.Safety education:

Lower the bed to an appropriate level to enable patient's feet flat on the floor when sitting at the edge of the bed.

Instruct family to place the gait belt and escort patient during ambulation due to his poor safety awareness

Rehab outcomes

1.Bed-chair transfer


2.Ambulate with weights




Rehabilitation outcome