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Neurological RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Mr. Gao
Age:50 yrs
Medical diagnosis:Cerebral Infarction
Total treatment times: PT:101,OT:113

Rehab care plan

1. To improve gait and mobility:

Walking training

2.Strengthening, endurance and balance training:

Exercise bicycle

HUR balance


Ascending and descending stairs training

Knee strengthening with HUR

3.ADLs/IADLs training

Training for patient to complete basic ADLs independently

Repetitive Facilitative Exercise

Bilateral UE cooperate to complete OT tasks

Perform OT task with affected limb independently

4.Patient education:

Fall prevention

Healthy lifestyle

Prevent the recurrence of CVA

Rehab outcomes

1.the movement of LUE (affected limb)


Difficulty with bring left finger to nose

Able to bring left finger to nose without difficulty, acceleration in motion speed

2.Improved Gait


Need 1 person to assist during ambulate, walk at a slow speed

walk at a faster speed 

3.After rehabilitation

Get up from sofa independently

Able to self-feeding with affected UE

Able to drink with affected UE

Able to take care of himself in daily life by switching on and off the wall cabinet, using kitchen tools such as ventilator and faucet

Able to move table and chair with affected UE

Rehabilitation outcome