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Orthopedic RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Aunt Wang
Age:59 yrs
Medical diagnosis:Post-op of Lt humeral distal and Lt olecranon fx
Total treatment times: OT30,30days

Rehab care plan

1.To improve ROM:

Shoulder joint mobilizations

Shoulder joint traction

Elbow joint, humerus radioulnar joint immobilization

Elbow traction along the longitudinal axis


Shoulder flexion, abduction, and external rotation with resistance in sitting

Elbow flexion with resistance, stretching the antagonistic muscles actively

Forearm pronation and supination with resistance

Home exercises program (aerobic exercise)

3.Pain/swollen and scar management:

Wrist extensor stretching and relaxing

Retrograde massage (patient family education)

Scar management, scar mobilization, Kinesio taping (family education)

4.Mental interventions:

Reach a consensus on rehab goals

Correct misconceptions, objective knowledge education

Daily lift simulation (self-hygiene, homework)

Encourage the participation in social activities (maintain her basic activity level)

Rehab outcomes

After a period of rehabilitation treatment combined with daily activities, Aunt Wang has transferred from carrying out ADLs independently to being able to do housework, sports and leisure activities. Since more participation in housework and social activities, Aunt Wang's anxiety has been improved, and she is full of expectations for her future retirement life.


limited elbow ROM

affected elbow back to normal ROM


Improved should ROM
Wash face with both hands
Comb her hair with affected arm

Able to do housework with both hands!
Play ping-pong without any difficulty
Able to do the rope skipping!

Rehabilitation outcome