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Neurological RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Aunt Lan
Age:60 yrs
Medical diagnosis:Cerebral Infarction
Chief complaint:Rt limb dysfunction, poor mobility

Rehab care plan

1.To improve gait:

Gait training

2.Strengthening, endurance and balance training:

Center of gravity shifting training

Train patient to support with the affected lower limb

Bike exercises

Balance mat

Ascending and descending stairs training

3.ADLs/physical functional activities

Sit-stand transfer training

Complete OT tasks with unaffected limb

Bilateral UE cooperate to complete OT tasks

Induce the affected limb to move actively

Shoulder stability training

Facilitate the UE distraction

Training for patient to complete basic ADLs independently

4. Patient education:

Fall prevention

Healthy lifestyle

Prevent the recurrence of CVA

Mental interventions

Rehab outcomes

Early stage
Middle stage
Late stage

Affected limb weakness, unable to move actively, unaffected limb compensation required

Affected limb able to move actively

Distraction appears in the affected limb, leading to significant increase in ROM

Early stage
Middle stage
Late stage

Rely on wheelchair for mobility, need support from others, high fall risk

Get rid of the wheelchair, ambulate with quad cane

Able to ambulate without assist device under supervision

Rehabilitation outcome