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Neurological RehabilitationSuccessful case
Name:Ms. Yang
Age:66 yrs
Medical diagnosis:Post cerebral hemorrhage ( Rt thalamus, parietal Lobe)
Chief complaint:Lt limb dysfunction with sensory, swallow, speech, cognition, bowel and bladder control impairment
From “each fights his own battle” to “team collaboration”

Different from the previous single-disciplinary approach, inter-disciplinary simply means "reach a consensus regarding on issue."

In response to Ms. Yang's condition and basic demands, the medical care team conducted pre-admission assessments from different perspectives. Team members made joint decisions during the multidisciplinary meetings to determine rehabilitation goals and care plans according to her conditions.

Front line- rehab team

Front line- nursing team

Support force-dietitian

Support force-recreation team

Support force-health coach

Rehab outcomes

With the great diligence from IDT, Ms. Yang was able to get dressed, ambulate with assistance and self-feeding independently. Her articulation skills enabled her daily communications. The main rehab expectations from Ms. Yang and her family were met upon discharge.

After 192 Days

Rehabilitation outcome